Why good sport is important (Part I)

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Sport is a main part of life at schools. Modest team sports, by their very nature, teach kids to work collectively.

 Never undervalue the crucial part sport plays at private schools. Yes, outstanding exam grades are important as well, in many professor’s opinion, sport is absolutely a determining factor in parents' choices to “go private”.

Most private schools excel at reasonable team sports – an idea that seems to have become taboo in some sections of the continued sector, where group sports can be seen as ‘wrong’ and where sport is viewed as something kids do ‘out of school’.

The ‘Big 4’ football, cricket, rugby, hockey are deeply rooted in the private school psyche. Rugby was started on the pitches of the eponymous school and schools like Eton and Charterhouse were took part in establishing early codes of Association Football.

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It is easy for boarding schools, with their huge of balanced pitches, to seem smug about sport: specially when so many playing fields are still being scandalously sold off. But good grounds are not in themselves the answer: what amounts is whether these are fully used or not. 

Arranging sport pays off educationally too. kids gain lessons in life, such as regarding the opposition and learning to win or lose with good poise. 

There is slight or no ‘sledging’ in cricket teams and shakes all round at the end of tough fought rugby matches. Even in football matches, players show respect for the referee. 

Parents are ready to pay large sums of money to guarantee their children have plenty of sporting openings like these. 

This is one motive why private school numbers have held up so well in the current recession. And that is why they will continue to flourish, despite ever rising fees. 

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