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Vintage Collection

Vintage refers to the previous era. The designers at Shop Your Wishes International were thinking to give up a new look with the designs that give a unique look and back to you into the old era.

We have introduced our leggings, tees and shoes in the Vintage collection for new and winning looks. All the items available in the same collection have been designed while keeping in the mind facts about the colours. Color has the effect on one’s personality and mood.

The products of SYWI have been designed by keeping the review of emotions. The sadness, happiness, joyful and empathy.
Red is emotional colour, it enhances the metabolism.
Red is a highly prominent colour that is why all the stop signs are painted red.
Red is directly linked to the energy, it boosts up the energy level while workout.
Find out what we have in HOT Red    

Vintage Collection| SYWI

Shop this Beautiful Jacket now at https://goo.gl/nRF51e

Vintage Leggingings| SYWI

Shop this stunning legging at https://goo.gl/BnCPy3

Vintage Collection Leggings| SYWI

Shop this stunning legging at https://goo.gl/quJGmo 

High Heels | SYWI
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