Three lessons from the zealous Australian sports community

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Australia has one of the most viable, engaged and passionate sports communities in the world. One study suggests that 92% of Australians have an interest in sport, and every person likes an average of six sports. Australia has 92 official sports teams, while Texas, which has a similar population, has 10. In Melbourne alone, there are over 100 golf courses and over 25 professional international level teams.

Here are three motives why sports business is enormous in Australia and what other markets can acquire from it.


1.   A emphasis on memberships rather than sale of ticket only.

The Australian sports landscape focused on the membership model, in which teams prefer annual memberships to its fan following. As a member, you will get access to special events, merchandise, digital communications, live internet streaming, apps and much more, keeping them linked to the team in more ways than game appearance.


  1. A strong local joining.

Australian teams always treat fans like family. Clubs grow a deep connection with fans early and locally. Teams unite at local events (such as annual member day meetings or dinner with the players) that make old fans be seen by the team and youngster meet their idols face to face. These curriculums are very huge for many clubs, make them develop durable and long-term relationships with fans.


3.   A close association with fans.

With so many official and unofficial teams and a very limited number of available sponsors, clubs wants to ensure that they are showing the worth of their brand and their spectators to sponsors. Clubs need to deliver value to their sponsors to guarantee that they stay with the team over the years. Sponsors wants to see that their trust with clubs has resulted to enlarged brand awareness or has driven sales.

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