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Sports Thinking

The mind is an interested thing. The way we meditate can mark so many aspects of our life, including our approaches and behaviors. The mind can help you feel glad, or drag you through the mire. While many people said that the mind and body share a fifty fifty share in performance, I think that the mind has more of an influence.

To achieve the most of your training or competition, you first prerequisite to make the decision that you are going to “be there”. Think about the times you have appeared in training and not wanted to be there. Normally, your energy would be much less and you had be more probable to think/focus on other things besides training. It can be supportive to say to yourself that it is time to “switch on” for certain parts of training.

Sport Thinking

Your performance can also be improved through confidence and self-belief (the belief in your skills to complete a task or perform a skill). Missing confidence usually results in lessened effort, with common beliefs including “why do I bother?” or “I ca not beat him/her”. Emerging confidence comes with strong training and concentrating on the skills needed to get decent results.

When it comes to groundwork, athletes tend to overlook that they spend more time training than they do contending. Missing sessions, not trying solid, and not refining in your technique affects your preparation, and when you are not ready you start to second guess yourself. 

To help with grounding i.e. training, you should evaluate your last performance and conclude which areas need to be enhanced. An easy way to do this is to plan a “should, would a, could a” list. After a performance you can evaluate, what you “should” have done, what you “would” have transformed and what you “could” advance on. These should form your strategy for training and allow you to set goalmouths within a firm time, e.g. in the next month, or until the next main competition.

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