Sports and Personal Growth

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sports growth

How does sport contribute to personal growth?

Just as viewpoint and the arts help improve the intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, sports help us grow the physical. We need balance of mind, body and soul to feel and function at our best.

Playing sports benefits much more than in the physical facets. It builds personality, teaches tactical thinking, logical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk enchanting to name a few. And those are just the non-physical facets!

The earliest Greeks, who gotten us philosophy and the arts, also took sports completely. They encouraged mostly boys and men to improve strong, fit and beautiful bodies. They would even see and contest in running, discus, jumping, and javelin throwing competitions.

Girls also involved in physical activity but not to the level the boys did, nor did they contest in the games.

sport growth

How do sport and physical activity assist us today?

Joining in sports/physical activity improves the five components of fitness, which are,

  • Skills
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina

When we are under pressure from personal complications, work stresses and nervousness, apart from the fitness benefits, exercise through playing sports reliefs release stress and tension in a healthy and meticulous way.

Benefits of keeping yourself in sports or physical activity:

  • Sports are real fun and enjoy
  • Increases sense of general well being
  • Increases sleep patterns and levels of nervousness
  • Evaporates the mind
  • Grows motor skills and mind/body assembly
  • Staves off dejection
  • Decreases risk of many illnesses

In order to continue to grow and take care of every feature of ourselves, as well as joining to the mind and spirit, we must join to the physical - our bodies.

Best of luck for your exercise and keep visiting for more healthy topics related to your health and supports.

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