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While you might not like exercising in winter, it is vital not to let your exercise schedule drop by the wayside. With a little of creativity, it is possible to retain your fitness during the cooler months, even if your usual morning run feels like too much hard graft. 

Motivation tips

  • Make goals for yourself: For example, your goal might be to drop five kilos, or just to feel more revitalized and healthy. Keep in mind that exercise can help improve your immunity, and make you less exposed to catching those dreaded winter diseases.
  • Plan some rewards: If you love playing football for example, make that your reward for remaining fit. Your football trip will also be much more entertaining if you are fit and healthy.
  • Change routines: If going outside early in the dark and cold very hard for you, do somewhat else as an alternative. Do some indoor exercise as propose above, or exercise throughout the day.
  • Don not panic: If you miscue your session for a few days, don not get worried over it. Just try it once more, or make the effort to move around more throughout your regular day. 

Creating a schedule

Put up in writing your weekly timetable and include times suitable in your fitness sittings. In that way you do not have to think about it much, you can just do it. It is not set in stone though, and if the timetable is not working for you, make some alterations. Adjusting your timetable does not specify failure – it just means defining a way that works best for you.

Foods to eat before sessions

Before doing any exercise, make sure to eat foods that will give you sufficient energy in the form of glucose or glycogen. Food rich in carbohydrates, such as yogurt, vegetables, pasta, fruit or oatmeal, will do the trick.

Best time to exercise

The best time to exercise is whatsoever time works best for you. You know your own body best, so try out some experiments to see what works.


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