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Do you want to be the next Andrew Bogut or Andrew Gaze? Or do you just want to advance your basic basketball abilities to be more viable on the court? Either way, we have got some awesome hints to help you trickle with greater control, bombard more accurately, bounce more effectively and shut down your rival.
Ball Handling

Ball handling is an important basketball skill that all players should be continually trying to develop. The most straightforward of ball handling abilities is dribbling, and to grow into a good dribbler you should work on getting the skill right and enhance your speed.


Practice dribbling while looking up. Continue to practice this until it feels natural to dribble without looking at the ball. This is important because you will become a much more effective decision-maker if you are able to survey the court while you’re dribbling.



Passing is an additional essential basketball skill. Passing from one to another is almost always a lot faster than dribbling the same distance. To create rapid movement of the ball up the court, passing should be exact.


Practice all types of passes and learn which positions are right to certain passes. There are a many different passes, numerous of which look very tricky and are employed to cuckold opponents.


Don not think rebounding is somebody else’s duty. A team that is full of player’s eager to rebound will generate more offensive opportunities.


When it comes to rebounding, it is vital to learn the best body and court situation. Practice getting low, so you are prepared to jump and can more effortlessly fend off opponents. Also practice getting in the correct position, between the rim and your challenger, to box them out.


Rebounding is not a dazzling skill, but it can be a match winning one. You should continuously be willing to manhandle to get in the best rebounding place.



Getting points is what basketball is all about, so it is important to be a shooter with a good distance. Being a resilient shooter is liable upon getting your posture right. A correct stance needs feet to be shoulder length apart and parallel.


Best of luck, and keep playing basketball!

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