The Story of my Heart

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     Every day I ask myself this.....

"What makes me wake up in the morning and stay up late at night time? What message I am conveying to my children, to my husband, family and friends?
As an entrepreneur, happiness is not all about making sales and making money. For me, it is happiness inside out. Happiness knowing each day, my actions serve a bigger purpose and that is serving others and making an impact either in a small or in a big way. If I could be a "go-to person" to ask questions on long distance relationship, building a business, cooking adobo or raising demanding children or any questions. Who knows I might have the answer to help and enlighten someone.

Happiness comes within and gets reflected on our thoughts, actions and especially on our eyes. Our eyes are the window to our soul. What lies beneath is reflected outside. Happiness is when I see my remaining parent (my dad ) and mother-in-law will be taken care of and have a comfortable old age days. Making sure they have foods to eat, roof to cover their heads and being surrounded with people who truly care and love them.




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