How to involve kids into the junior sport?

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If you need your kids to get off the divan and into playing the game, then you must lead by example.

A new study has found teenagers whose parents have involved around in a sporting club are nearly twice as likely to play than kids whose parents are not participating at all.

The ASC study found that 66% of children who had at least one parent playing a game also joined themselves. But that number jumped to 89% when the parent also offered around a sporting club.

"You do not have to do many things," Mr Fairweather told.

"You may take a superior role like being a trainer, but you could stay on the sideline, you can aid manage the team, you can help with the outfits.

"It is not that much you need to do; you just have to be mixed up with the club by some means and the sports are there to assist you with that."

The ASC has found that sporting clubs are the greatest common way for school going children to be physically and mentally active outside of school.


However, there is a little drop off in involvement after the age of eleven. For ASC point of view this is a huge problem.

"The physical learning of our children is decreasing, and that threatens to hurt the physical and psychological health of our future generations," Chief Executive of ASC Kate Palmer told.

"This data highlights what significant sporting role models parents are for their kids."

The results form part of the latest AusPlay testimony from the ASC, which started research into the sport in Australia.

The modern release monitors from the ASC's current "Sporting Heroes" campaign to highpoint the impact parents had on their children.

The ASC will now try its focus to observing at exactly how parents involved with their children's sport and what influence this could have on participation.

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