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Confidence is important component of good sports performance. In order to achieve to the best of their ability, an athlete needs to be healthy, well penetrated and confident in their ability to reach their potential. Confidence, unlike health or technical ability, is difficult to extent. It is a state of mind that is prejudiced by a variety of reasons, including negativity about a previous performance, pressure, or even a loss of emphasis caused by a private issue.






It is essential for an athlete to study how they can boost their self-belief. Trainers, and in some cases, sports psychologists, can work with a player to build their confidence using a range of methods.



Goal setting


Players must have goals to work towards if they are to realize their full potential. When going to set goals, players should be aware of their talent, make sure they set determined yet genuine milestones, and give themselves a sensible amount of time to attain the set task.





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Positive thinking

Positive mindset is easier said than done, but like whatever thing in sport, it needs practice. If players keep prompting themselves to think positively, it will twitch to happen. Repeating positive mottos can motivate athletes to perform well. Approaching each game as an opportunity to expand on the earlier one can also help.


Focus and concentration

A loss of confidence can be triggered by a loss of focus. An player’s personal life can occasionally interfere with their focus.


Some athletes also become unfocussed by external impacts, such as crowds, or the opposition. We have all seen footballers struggle with striking ball, tennis players’ serves breaking down, or bowlers dropping their line and length.


Take responsibility

Whether athletes do good or not so good, they are mostly responsible for their performance. It is better to work on solving the problem of bad performance than to blame external elements. An athlete needs to analyze the factors that are causative to their poor performance, and work to overwhelmed them.




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