How Outdoor Play Can Increase Kids' Sleep

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This may bring as a surprise to parents and teachers, but it’s true that play can improve your child’s sleep dramatically. Sleep is very important for children, their physical and psychological health and happiness, general growth and academic performance.

As a nation-state, we are becoming more swapped on when it comes to numerous general health issues such as the importance of a good diet, the risks of sugar and junk food, and the requirement for regular exercise. But for some reason, we are dwindling behind in our consideration of the need for sleep, and the importance we place on it.

Primary school aged kids need between 10 - 12 hours of sleep each night. But teenagers need an hour less only.

When we are asleep, our brains work, and are busy consolidating and keeping what we have learned during the day. If kids do not sleep well, they do not get to correctly process the whole thing what actually they have learned that day, so they grieve mentally and academically.

kid sleep

Sleep directly influences on a child’s psychological and physical health and development. While they are asleep bodies of kids can focus attention on growth and overhaul, and their brains can repose and recuperate.

We are continually absorbing new info and learning new skills. The amount we pick up and grow in our initial years is unbelievable.

And because it is during babyhood that we do a maximum of our physical growing, start to mature and grow psychologically, then it is vital that children get sufficient sleep to allow them to do this appropriately.

For kids of primary school age suffering from a dearth of sleep, this can be actually damaging, as they are still in the progression of learning societal and behavioral skills.

While some kids are very good at going to sleep when they want to, as a general rule kids are not the good judges of how much sleep they actually want, as there is often something far more motivating that they would choose to be doing!

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