Cricket pay disagreement: Australian coach Darren Lehmann plays down risk of Ashes strike

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Darren Lehmann, The Australian coach, says it is unlikely Australian cricket's pay dispute will lead to an Ashe's boycott by players.

Talking in Brisbane on Thursday morning, Lehmann said, time is running out to resolve the long-running dispute, and highlighted it as a distraction ahead of the approaching ICC Champions Trophy tournament in England and Wales.

But he said he is very hopeful that there would be no Ashes strike.

"I had hoped not as a fan. I am sure that won't occur," he said.

Lehman said he had been in solid contact with Australian captain Steve Smith about the matter.

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"We have discussed quite a lot, on many problems at the moment," Lehmann said.

"He is looking forward to receiving the lads back together. There is a lot of communications around the place.

"He is there for four months and has not been home. But he is ready to go."

Every sport has the same kind of  issues, Lehmann says

Lehmann said he would like to speak to all the players when his entire Champions Trophy team had assembled.

"You must do that. You have to keep things open, and so we know what path everyone is going," he said.

"It’s going to be a bit of interruption; there is no hesitation about that.

"Just getting composed and working it out is the way to go.’’

"You have those problems. Every sport has them, to be perfectly truthful, there are sports around Australia having them now.

Earlier this week, Australian Cricketers Association boss Alistair Nicholson declined to back down from his place in the latest round of discussions with Cricket Australia over the new pay contract.

There are now only six weeks to go until the existing memorandum of understanding expires.

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