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Baseball and softball are very popular among Australia's youth. Injuries are normal because of the large number of players participating. While most injuries are serious, there are specific overuse injuries that usually affect young ball players. Most of these injuries can be prohibited.

The following is data from one of the top blogger website about how to avoid baseball and softball injuries. Also included is a synopsis of common injuries.

Injury Prevention and Protection Tips

 Sports Physical Examination

Athletes should have a pre-participation physical evaluation to make sure they are prepared to safely begin the sport. The good time for a pre-participation physical evaluation is about four to six weeks before the start of the season. Players also should see their doctors for regular well-child checkups.

Fitness & Strength

Players should keep a good fitness level throughout the season and off-season. Pre-season training should allow time for over-all conditioning and sport-specific conditioning. Also important are good warm-up and cool-down workouts.


Technique & Skills

Players should study and practice safe practices for performing the skills that are essential to their sport. For example, baseball and softball players should avoid headlong slides, and run bases with a helmet and break-away bases. Players should work with trainers and athletic coaches on achieving good technique.

Equipment & Kits


  • Protective eyewear. Glasses or goggles should be made with polycarbonate or a comparable material. The material should conform to the standards for Testing and Materials. Batting helmets and catcher's masks with face masks also are recommended.
  • Shoes with rubber (not metal) spikes / lases
  • Pads (knee and shin guards)
  • Athletic supporters and cups for boys
  • For catchers: helmets with face guards, throat guards, knee-saver pads, and chest protectors (Note: Chest protectors cannot prevent direct trauma to the heart.)
  • For batters: batting helmets, face guards.

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