A sporting nation

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Sporting nation

Australians like to play sports, like to watch sports, like to bet on sports and like to talk sports more than anything else. Such sporting fervour is not fairly so obvious everywhere, but sport is hardly far from anyone's opinions. It is not amazing that sport should play such a huge part in Australian life. The brilliant climate, outstanding natural opportunities, passable leisure time and a healthy population provide the seamless opportunity for sporting activity. As well as that, Australians have a well known betting streak which makes viewer sports like horse racing very popular.

 Getting involved

There are few countries in the world where you can participate in such a variety of sports, at nearly any time of the year. Golf courses are in all places and very inexpensive, and many people play tennis and bowls.

Famous team sports in Australia are soccer, the other football codes and of course cricket, in which Australia is perhaps the best in the world. Baseball is start to catch on as a professional sport, and basketball and netball are now very well supported.


Jogging is going popular, and there are very beautiful and great tracks around Sydney Harbour, Melbourne's Botanic Gardens and as well as in other cities. Bushwalking is also very popular and a healthy sport.

One result of Australians' preoccupation with sports is the very large number of available world champions and many dominance record holders the country can claim.

Australians shine internationally in sports like swimming, tennis, football (in several codes), golf, hockey, athletics and various forms of motorcycle racing. The year 2000 considered one of the most successful years of Australian history with Sydney holding the Olympic Games.

Water sports

For some purpose Australians seem to shine at water sports, possibly it is because our mainland is surround by water. We have numerous World Champions in surfing, sailing, windsurfing, diving, swimming, water skiing and rowing.


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